How to Clean Truck Bed Liner? Step By Step Guide

How to Clean Truck Bed Liner

If you are a truck owner, you may often find your truck’s bed liner filled with dirt, trash, leaves, and debris that get accumulated over time. To keep your truck well maintained, you should clean your truck bed liner regularly. For this purpose, you should follow some guidelines so that the bed liner looks neat and spotless.

One thing to keep in mind is that cleaning the exterior of a truck is an easy task as compared to cleaning the interior. A truck liner plays a crucial role in your truck’s maintenance, and it should be cleaned by using proper techniques. The following steps should be followed to clean a truck bed liner:

Step 1

Remove all the items from the truck bed liner and sweep all the large pieces of dirt such as rocks, sticks, leaves and other easily removable materials. If the truck bed liner is removable, remove it first and then sweep all the dirt and debris from it.

Step 2

Check whether there are any stains or stubborn spots on the liner. A truck bed should be cleaned using a pressure washer, and for this purpose, you can use a spray. If the truck bed liner is removable, you can easily rinse it with water and clean it with car shampoo separately so that the other parts of the truck are not damaged. If you are cleaning the truck bed while it’s still inside the truck, use a spray to soak the bed liner and tailgate of the truck and make sure all parts are soaked with water. Then, use an all-purpose liquid or gel for cleaning and removing dirt and tough stains. Scrub it using a brush to remove the stains and grime from it.

Step 3

After you have scrubbed and rinsed the truck bed liner, now is the time to wash it thoroughly so that there are no signs of soap or water on it. Always use a high-pressure hose to wash the truck bed liner that throws water in a wide pattern at a pressure of approximately 1000 psi. Always remember to rinse the truck bed liner from front to back.

Step 4

To make sure the truck bed liner is completely dry, use a clean cloth or microfiber and make sure the water doesn’t stay there to stain it. This step is an optional one as you can also let the truck bed liner dry on its own.

Step 5

If you are concerned about keeping your truck bed liner shiny and neat, you can consider this step too. You can apply a coat of wax onto your truck bed liner so that it remains new for a long time. Also, you can use a plastic polish to apply on the surface of the truck bed to give it a glossy shine.

Things to Consider

To get the relevant products for cleaning your truck bed liner, you should do proper research. You can use a high-quality car wash brush and car wash detergents such as a shampoo and wax to give it final touches. There are many products available on the market that are available at an affordable price. However, if you are tight on a budget, you can make your own car wash material using things from your home. Also, make sure you clean up the chemical spills as soon as possible because if there is some amount of chlorine present in the chemical, it may bleach the colour of the bed liner.

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