How to Apply Truck Bed Liner? Step By Step Guide

How to Apply Truck Bed Liner

Buying a truck is a huge investment, so when you own one, you want it to look clean and well-maintained. If you are using your truck for bringing groceries or deliveries, it will be prone to scratches and wear and tear and will need lots of protection. These scratches and wear and tear will make your truck look old and decrease its value. DIY truck bed liners are very useful for protecting the truck from dirt, scratches, debris, and other materials. You can install a truck bed liner yourself very easily, but for this, you’ll have to follow these steps.

The first thing to do before installing a truck bed liner is to determine the type of bed liner you want to use. Drop-in bed liners are made up of rigid plastic and are available in one piece or several pieces. These are removable and durable. Spray-on bed liners are made up of polyurethane and protect the truck bed from minor wear and tear. Make sure you have the bed liner designed specifically for your truck so that it fits in.

Step 1

The first step is to install the load guard. A load guard has a snug style, and it will fit into your truck’s available space immediately. If you are having some difficulty, first install one side by placing your hand on it, and then bend it and install the other side by sliding it.

Step 2

The second step involves installing the side walls. If your truck consists of bolt-in tie downs, you will have to remove them first and install the side walls as well as the tie downs again. Now, tighten the bolts and make sure that the sidewalls are firmly in place.

Step 3

Now is the time to place the bed liner. Take your skid-free bed liner and fix it into the bottom of the side walls. You can use some additional bolts to secure the bed liner, but if it is skid-free, it will not slide away. If you have a multi-piece bed liner, place it one by one and make sure it is secured well.

Step 4

It is also necessary to apply a tailgate protector by removing the tailgate bolts. Depending on your truck, you should use around 10 to 15 bolts to lock the tailgate protector. Also, make sure that you haven’t tightened the bolts a lot or else there is a chance of the liner getting ripped. In the end, you can check the bed liner by pulling it so that you know whether it’s moving or not.


  • Drop-in bed liners are very easy to install, and they are the most durable ones too. These bed liners protect the truck from major and minor injuries and scratches.
  • The spray-on bed liners are a bit difficult to apply as it is necessary to prepare the bed before applying. The best idea is to have a truck bed liner designed specifically for your truck so that it fits well and you don’t have to perform any trimming, folding, or cutting tasks.
  • If a truck bed liner is damaged and has holes, slits, or cracks on it, it should be considered useless. This is because all types of dirt, sand, small rocks, and gravel will pass through it and reach the truck’s bed to damage and scratch it.
  • If you feel difficulty in installing your truck bed liner, you should consult a professional to do the task for you. However, since the installation of a truck bed liner is an easy task, you can try it on your own as it saves money.
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  1. Joy Butler
    Joy Butler says:

    You did a great job of explaining that it is crucial to apply a tailgate protector. I appreciate this procedure, however, if you’re to ask, it would be best that a mechanic do this for me. Yes, I agree when you said that a DIY procedure can save money, but, I still prefer an expert to fix it for me.


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