Best DIY (Do It Yourself) Truck Bed Liners in 2021

Best DIY Truck Bedliner

If you are a truck owner, you would know that such vehicles require an array of accessories and add-ons for their maintenance.

One such item is the DIY truck bed liner kit which provides you with bed liners that not only protect the inner portion of the truck bed from damage but also ensure that the cargo stays in place. This is achieved via the skid-resistant nature of such liners.

There are various types of truck bed liners to choose from, but two of the best kinds include the Spray In and the Roll On truck bed liners.

Reviews of the Best DIY Truck Bedliners

Best Spray On Bedliners

Best Roll On Bedliners

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How Do Spray In and Roll On Bed Liner work?

Spray In bed liner is, as the name suggests, sprayed on to the truck rather than having a bed liner installed in it. It is applied via a low-pressure spray gun or bottle, which may be operated via an air compressor. Various factors govern the quality of spray-in liners including humidity, temperature, and the wind. Such spray-in bed liners are more durable than Roll On liners, and serve to reduce the noise that is commonly transmitted by the truck bed. However, such coatings tend to easily stain, which may be a source of inconvenience for those who value aesthetics. Moreover, application of Spray-In bed liners is a permanent solution, and you may not be able to remove it. If you plan on installing a spray-in liner by yourself, make sure you do so with care. This is because the quality of the final output depends on how carefully it has been installed.

Roll On bed liners are quite similar to Spray In liners. However, the two differ when it comes to application. Unlike other options like drop-in liners, these types of liners also need to be coated on to the truck bed. This arrives in the form of a liquid which has a paste-like consistency. All you need to do is use a roller to apply the paste on the inner sides of the truck.  The material employed in such liners are made from urethane or polyurethane. Such a substance makes sure that the cargo you put on the truck does not cause any dents or scratches on your vehicle. Moreover, it also ensures that your car is protected from the effects of chemical spillage and concrete dust.

All in all, both Roll On and Spray In bed liner work in the same way, i.e. they are externally applied to the truck. The significant difference between the two is the form of application.

Things to consider when buying bed liner kit

Do you plan on purchasing a truck bed liner kit? If so, here are some of the factors you should consider when weighing your options:

  • Enhanced Quality

Gone are the days when your choices were limited to a few drop-in liners and a small cap. The world we live in today features tremendously advanced technology. One of the greatest gifts of this advancement is high-quality bed liners.

Amidst an array of items, make sure you pick one which provides your truck with the maximum protection required. This is the primary function of bed liners, and your choice should be one that fulfils this purpose in the best way possible. Whether it be via perusing the reviews or asking around, make sure you pick a liner which offers enhanced protection and quality.

  • Brand’s Legacy

One way of ensuring that you are provided with a high-quality product is by investing in a bed liner that is produced by a well-known and well-established brand. If you are a risk-averse individual, then it is best to play it safe and purchase your product from a brand which is known for its quality.

If you are a novice, opting for a bed liner backed by a name is your safest bet compared to choosing a product which doesn’t belong to a brand. While such products may be excellent as well, the fact remains that Spray In and Roll On bed liners are permanent, and therefore it is too much of a risk to invest in something you are not sure of. Hence, choose a branded product and bid your concerns goodbye.

  • A Holistic Kit

If you are buying a DIY kit, then you should be offered an array of choices regarding colour and texture options. After all, it is called a package for a reason. Plus, if you were interested in the lack of alternatives, you could have easily purchased a fully assembled or installed product, right?

Make sure your effort counts. If you are opting for a DIY kit, ensure that such a kit is equipped with a wide variety of customization options for you to choose from. Such diversity in options will allow your truck bed liner to be personalized as per your choice.

  • Set a budget

Regardless of what item you are purchasing, setting a budget is a crucial factor in all kinds of shopping adventures. This is because setting a maximum price allows you to narrow down your options for the product you’re willing to invest in.

Truck bed liners, like other commodities, are available in a broad range of prices which may vary from $50 to $200. Now, such a wide range means a lot of options. And beware, while you may think the more options, the better it is for you. However, the opposite is quite true. Too many choices are a nightmare and usually lead to a poor decision.

Hence, analyze how much you are willing to spend on truck bed liners. Assign a price to your needs and choose between products that lie in your price range.

Best Spray On Bed Liners

If you are looking for the best spray-in bed liners, here are the top 7 products for you to choose from:

1.   U-Pol 0820V-GUN Truck Bed Liner Kit

This product has managed to satisfy the customers who have appreciated it for its value-added features.

Enhanced Durability

This kit combats one of the major issues with spray-in bed liners. Commonly, such bed liners are prone to fading away. However, this product is made to be UV resistant, which ensures that the spray will remain fresh regardless of the weather conditions. Such a feature, when combined with the fact that the product is waterproof and stain resistant, makes this kit durable and usable regardless of weather conditions.

Ease of use

Customers have lauded this product for being easy to set up and use due to the inclusion of comprehensive instructions. Such ease of use is enhanced by the gun included in the kit which is comfortable to use. However, some find the coverage to be quite thin.

Key Features

  • The product is equipped with a spray gun 726
  • This product aids in reducing sounds and vibrations that emit from the truck
  • The bed liner is resistant to scratches
  • The kit weighs 11.7 pounds
  • The package includes four bottles each of which is 1 litre

2.   Herculiner HCL 1B8 Brush-on Bed Liner Kit

This product may be ideal for you if you wish for a shiny finish by your bed liner. Those who value aesthetics appreciate such a finish.

Enhanced Protection

Do you wish for a bed liner that provides your truck with the protection that it deserves? If so, you will be happy to know that this product is equipped with a coating made out of textured polyurethane. Such a tough coating ensures that your truck remains protected. Moreover, you can also bid adieu to the rust that accumulates on your truck since this product seals and bonds the surface of the vehicle to prevent rusting.

Highly Resistant

The primary function of a truck is to carry cargo from one place to another. No one wants their precious items to skid on the way. This product ensures that such a thing never happens due to the skid resistant nature of the surface. Such a surface is also protected from chips and peels to ensure the durability of the product.

Key Features

  • The kit includes one gallon of coating, application brush, and two rollers
  • The product features twice the thicker coating than other similar products
  • The product is resistant to gasoline and solvents along with other chemicals
  • The item weighs 10.6 pounds

3.   Custom Coat Black Spray-on Truck Bed Liner Kit

This product has been lauded for its durability and quality, which is bound to impress the masses.

Easy to apply

One of the features that all users look for in DIY products is ease of use. No one wishes to spend more time than they have to. After all, we all live a busy life and would rather do other chores. The manufacturers of this product understand such a need of customers and therefore have made a product which is immensely easy to use. All you need to do is tint and add the hardener, and merely shake and spray the product.

High quality

All of us wish for a superior quality in all of the things that we buy, and a bed liner is no different. This product succeeds in delivering such a quality by including features such as resistance to stain and abrasions, as well as protection against rust. Such features ensure the durability of the product and hence make the investment quite cost-effective.

Key Features

  • The water proof nature of the product aids in reducing noise
  • The kit includes a 1-liter hardener and four 750ml bottles of bed liner base
  • The kit weighs 11.5 pounds
  • The product adheres to the truck flawlessly

4.   U-Pole Tintable Truck Bed Liner Spray

Do you wish for a product that is backed by a well-known brand? Do you desire high quality? If so, you may want to give this bed liner a try.

Quick Dry

While the act of spraying your truck may seem fun to you, the waiting after the application for the bed liner to dry is quite frustrating – especially if you plan on using the truck soon after. This product allows you to save time and use your vehicle after applying the Spray On bed liner as quickly as possible. This is achieved by the fact that this product dries at a quick rate which makes this bed liner a convenient choice for the masses.


The longevity of the bed liner is also guaranteed, owing to the inclusion of a variety of features ranging from protection against rust and UV damage, as well as resistance against stains. Moreover, the product not only ensures the protection of your truck, but it also acts as a sound deadener and therefore allows you to enjoy your ride without having to bear the annoying sounds and vibrations of the truck.

Key Features

  • This kit is equipped with four 750 ml bottles of bed liner base, an application gun, and a one-litre bottle of hardener
  • If you wish to apply additional coats onto your truck, you will have to wait for an hour before you do so
  • The coverage of the product is 125 square feet
  • The product only takes an hour to touch dry

5.   Linerxtreeme Spray-on Bed Liner Kit

If you wish to be provided with an output that mimics the work of professionals, this product will allow you to do so.

Professional Quality

While DIY projects are fun and empowering to do, many times, the result of such adventures are sub par or at least not as good as what you could have achieved by employing professionals. This product is an exception to such instances. This is because it succeeds in providing its users with quality that may as well have been achieved via professional spray-on bed liners. Such is achieved via the inclusion of high-quality components and a gun which is easy to use.

Semi-Gloss Finish

For many of us, aesthetics are as vital as the ability of a product to perform its essential function. If you value aesthetics of bed liners, you will be satisfied with this product since it features a semi-gloss finish which gives your truck a fresh vibe. Such a finish also ensures that the quality of the bed liner is improved for the better. When the durability of the product is combined with the enhanced looks of the truck, you are bound to be pleased with the glossy finish of the product.

Key Features

  • This product has a coverage of 100 square feet
  • This kit is available in black only
  • The product includes a spray gun and two reducers can
  • The product is equipped to be applied to two short bed trucks
  • The bed liner features protection against UV due to its string adhesion

6.   U-Pol Raptor Spray-On Truck Bed Liner

If you are willing to invest a little bit more, you may find this product to be worth the money. Although the product features the highest cost amongst other items on this list, its quality justifies the price charged.

Resistant to UV

Many spray-on bed liners exhibit a clear disadvantage, and that is the fading of the bed liner after some time. Such incidents undermine the durability as well as the protective features of such products. This bed liner avoids such a pitfall by making the product resistant to UV light. It thereby ensures that the bed liner does not lose its quality regardless of how much time passes.


The primary function of a bed liner is to protect the truck from the harm that it may experience owing to chemical spillage or due to the weight of the cargo. While this product provides protection against stain and scratches, it also manages to offer users the added benefit of reduction in sound. The fact that this product acts as a sound deadener makes this bed liner multi-purpose in nature, which is appreciated by the masses for the convenience that it provides.

Key Features

  • The kit includes 6 litres of spray, a spray gun and three bottles of hardener
  • The product has dimensions of 12*18*10 inches
  • The package weighs 16 pounds
  • The product features high adhesion and flexibility

7.   T-Rex Black Bed Liner with Spray Gun

If you are looking for a bed liner which is easy to use and apply, you will find this product to be an ideal choice for you.

Perfect for extreme weather

A vehicle, especially a truck, should be ready to face the extremities of weather conditions. It needs to be equipped to deal with the scorching sun as well as the pouring rain. Here is where bed liners such as this product come in handy. This product is made to deal with an array of severe weather conditions. This is achieved via the waterproof nature of the bed liner which makes it ideal for the rainy days. Moreover, the product is also protected against rust to provide you with a durable bed liner.

Easy to use

All DIY products need to be easy to use, and this product is no different. It ensures that its operation and assembly is as simple as possible so as to provide users with a comfortable DIY experience. Such is secured by the quick drying nature of the bed liner on top of the easy to understand instructions for applying the bed liner. Such a feature makes this product convenient to use, and hence a popular choice of the masses.

Key Features

  • The product allows for a finish which is chemical resistant in nature
  • The product uses urethane, which provides enhanced durability
  • The bed liner is resistant from abrasions and adheres to the truck very well
  • A spray gun accompanies the kit

Best Roll On Bed Liners

Would you rather equip yourself with a roll-on bed liner kit? If so, here are the best six picks you can choose from.

1.   Dupli-Color BAK2010 Bed Armor DIY Kit

This product is ideal for those who wish to play it safe and be provided with an option of removing the bed liner.

Easy Cleanup

While roll-on and spray-on bed liners serve to be a permanent addition to your truck, this product provides you with a small window in case you have doubts about applying the bed liner. This is achieved by the fact that this bed liner can be cleaned swiftly with the help of soap and water. However, make sure you make up your mind before the product dries off since after that there is no going back.

Resistant to Chemicals

If you are a truck owner, chances are your vehicle is exposed to quite a lot of chemicals. This is because such vehicles serve as a transporting vessel for cargos and other containers. While they are made to be used in such a way, the act of transporting still takes a toll on your truck.  However, with the help of this product, you can avoid such damage. This is because this product is resistant from automotive chemicals and hence protects your vehicle for the better. This is achieved by the fact that this bed liner is equipped with Kevlar.

Key Features

  • The product weighs 10 pounds
  • The unused bed liner can be used if stored properly
  • The product features a water based formula and lacks a re-coat window
  • The product does not feature a working pot-life

2.   Herculiner HCL1G8 Brush-On Bed Liner Kit

If you want a bed liner which provides you with thicker output than other items available in the market, this product will not disappoint you.

Tough Coating

This product is equipped with a polyurethane coating which is both robust and textured in nature. The surface of the product lays the foundation of additional features like skid resistance etc. Such a protective layer plays an integral part in ensuring the durability of your truck and hence manages to deliver a superior quality product.

Seals surfaces

If you live in a place marked by humidity, the chances of your truck getting rusted are high. Therefore, you need a product which prevents against rusting for such a process tends to undermine the durability of the product. This bed liner ensures that rust does not damage your truck. This is guaranteed by bonding the surface of the vehicle.

Key Features

  • This bed liner offers resistance against gasoline, oil and other chemicals
  • The bed liner claims not to flake or peel off
  • The product provides a bed liner which is five times as thick as other products
  • The product weighs 9.8 pounds

3.   Plasti-Kote 265G Truck Bed Liner

This product provides you with an array of application options which makes it a convenient choice for many.

Versatility in application

This product serves to be a real DIY kit, for it succeeds in providing users with flexibility when it comes to deciding how to apply the bed liner. This is achieved by the fact that this product can be applied via brush, a spray, or a roller. Such versatility in the application provides users with the autonomy to choose a method that they are comfortable with.

Textured Surface

This bed liner allows for a truck surface which is textured. Such a surface provides an array of advantages ranging from prevention against cargo slipping and resistance against colour fading.  Moreover, such a feature also equips this product to be able to withstand extremities in temperature with ease. Both of these benefits will allow your truck to fulfil its function of transporting cargo with immense ease.

Key Features

  • The formula of the bed liner allows for lack of crack and warp
  • The bed liner is resistant to gasoline
  • The formula of the bed liner dries at a quick rate and hence saves time
  • The one gallon of product is more than enough to cover a full-size truck

4.   POR-15 49701 OEM Bed Liner

This product has received raving reviews from the majority of the customers, and when you consider the quality of the bed liner, it is not hard to understand why.

Resistance against impact

Is your truck exhibiting dents owing to impact with cargos? If so, you will love the fact that this product is impact resistant. Such prevention against damage from impact allows this product to be ideal for trucks which are used for transporting items from one place to another. This is because such a feature ensure that the durability of your vehicle is guaranteed.

Attractive Finish

It is hard to find a bed liner which performs its function flawlessly as well as looking good while doing it. This product, however, manages to do both. Such an aesthetically pleasing style of the product is ensured by the semigloss finish of the product which gives your truck a clean and fresh look.

Key Features

  • The bed liner can be applied via a brush, roller or a spray gun/can
  • The formula of this bed liner is water-based
  • The product can be cleaned via the use of water and soap
  • The product does not exhibit a pot life
  • The bed liner is UV stable and hence protected from damage via sunlight

5.   Raptor UP5010 Coating Roll-on

While the bed liner itself has received positive feedback from customers, many feel that the rollers provided with the product are of sub par quality. If you are willing to invest on additional rollers, you will be satisfied with this bed liner.

Durable Barrier

This bed liner manages to perform the role of being the ultimate barrier against all types of temperature and climates. This is ensured by the fact that this product is resistant to water as well as chemical spillages. This feature guarantees that the bed liner lasts long and protects your truck for the long haul.

Black Textured Finish

This product also features a high-quality textured finish which will give your truck a sophisticated aura, while ensuring that the cargo that you place on the vehicle does not skid. This is because such a texture allows for prevention against slips. The black glossy finish gives this product a stylish look.

Key Features

  • This bed liner is resistant to UV rays and scratch
  • The product protects your truck against corrosion and salt
  • The bed liner is equipped to adhere to fibreglass, wood, and metal, etc.
  • The kit includes two 750 ml bed liner base, two 250 ml hardener, two rollers, two trays, two abrasive pads and four pairs of gloves

6.   SMR-1000WROLL-K4 T-Rex Roll-on Truck Bed liner kit

If you are looking for a roll-on bed liner that does not fade away when faced with the hot sunlight, you may want to give this bed liner a go.

Protection against UV light

The manufacturers of this product understand the adverse effect sunlight has on bed liners. Therefore, they have produced a product which is equipped to deal with UV rays. Such is ensured by the fact that the product is UV resistant, thereby rendering this bed liner usable for an extended time.

Fast Dry

This product also provides that you are not faced with the inconvenience of an inability to use your truck after the application of the bed liner. This is guaranteed by the fact that this bed liner dries off at a fast rate, and therefore makes sure that your truck is ready to hit the road as quick as possible.

Key Features

  • This bed liner includes urethane which allows for high durability
  • The product is resistant from abrasion and stains, thereby giving your truck a brand-new feel
  • The product is easy to use and all that is required it to add the hardener, shake the mixture, and apply it via the rollers
  • The product adheres well to steel as well as sanded paint

Final Verdict

All in all, there are various DIY truck bed liner kits available in the market for you to choose from. It is integral for you to keep all the above factors in mind before you make a decision.

All the products mentioned above succeed in being high-quality bed liner kits. No one product can be dubbed as being the best universally. This is because the product that will prove to be best for you depends on how much you value each feature.

Regardless of which product you choose, make sure you equip your truck with a bed liner. Such an act will enhance the life and use of your vehicle.